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Sway Heatless Velour Curling Ribbon

Sway Heatless Velour Curling Ribbon

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About the brand:

Mali and Misty, two moms and sisters-in-law, are the creative minds behind the brand "Mane Label." As entrepreneurs, their main goal was to develop a product that would allow them to achieve beautiful and healthy hair with minimal effort. Thus, they came up with the idea of the Sway Heatless Velour Curling Ribbon. By using this innovative hair tool, they could save time on styling and instead focus on enjoying precious moments with their loved ones.

Product Description:

Mane Label Sway Heatless Velour Curling Ribbon is a hair styling tool designed to create beautiful curls without the need for heat. Made from high-quality velour fabric, this ribbon is gentle on the hair and helps to create soft, bouncy curls. It works by wrapping sections of hair around the ribbon and securing them in place, allowing the curls to set and form naturally. The heatless design minimizes damage to the hair and offers a convenient and comfortable way to achieve effortless curls.

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