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OGL Eco-Mousse® Square Neck Corset Ruffle Hem Dress

OGL Eco-Mousse® Square Neck Corset Ruffle Hem Dress

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About the Brand:

OGL, a clothing brand, is founded on the principles of Ongoing, Gratitude, and Love. Their mission is to create an exceptional daily dressing experience for individuals. With a focus on elevated basics, OGL designs clothing using innovative fabrics that offer a combination of silky smoothness, breathability, and resistance to everyday wear and tear. The goal is to provide clothing that allows people to navigate through their daily responsibilities with ease and confidence. In addition to their commitment to quality, OGL is dedicated to minimizing their carbon footprint. They ensure that their fabrics and packaging are manufactured in accordance with the best practices outlined by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. By adhering to sustainable production methods, OGL strives to contribute to a more environmentally conscious and responsible fashion industry.

Sustainability Ethos:

Eco-friendly Materials: OGL prioritizes the use of eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled fibers, and innovative fabrics with low environmental impact. By choosing these materials, they reduce the reliance on harmful chemicals, conserve water, and minimize their ecological footprint.

Ethical Manufacturing: OGL partners with manufacturers who uphold fair labor practices, provide safe working conditions, and ensure fair wages for their employees. They are committed to supporting a transparent and responsible supply chain that values the well-being and rights of workers, fostering positive social impact.

Waste Minimization: OGL strives to minimize waste throughout their operations. They use recycled and recyclable packaging materials to reduce unnecessary waste. Additionally, they actively encourage their customers to recycle and reuse, promoting a circular economy and reducing the overall environmental impact.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: OGL is dedicated to measuring and reducing their carbon footprint. They implement energy-efficient operations, offset their carbon emissions through various initiatives, and invest in renewable energy sources. By doing so, they aim to mitigate the environmental impact of their activities and contribute to a low-carbon future.

Transparency and Education: OGL believes in fostering transparency and educating their customers about their sustainability practices. They openly communicate about their materials, manufacturing processes, and environmental initiatives. By sharing this information, they empower their customers to make informed choices and encourage sustainability in the broader fashion industry.

Product Description:

The OGL Eco-Mousse® Square Neck Corset Ruffle Hem Dress is a stunning blend of elegance and sustainability. Crafted from our exclusive Eco-Mousse® fabric, this dress combines luxurious softness with eco-friendly credentials. The square neckline and corset-style bodice add a touch of sophistication, while the ruffle hemline adds a playful and feminine touch. Designed with sustainability in mind, this dress is made from recycled materials and manufactured using eco-conscious practices. With its flattering silhouette and eco-friendly features, the OGL Eco-Mousse® Square Neck Corset Ruffle Hem Dress is a stylish choice for any occasion.

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