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Tiny Footprint

Nicaragua Segovia Dark Roast Ground Coffee 16 oz

Nicaragua Segovia Dark Roast Ground Coffee 16 oz

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About the brand:

Tiny Footprint Coffee is a brand committed to producing great-tasting coffee while making a positive environmental impact. They strive to be carbon-negative through reforestation initiatives and source high-quality beans from sustainable and ethical farmers. With their focus on sustainability and delicious coffee, they inspire consumers to make a difference with each cup.

Sustainability Ethos:

Carbon-Negative: Tiny Footprint Coffee aims to offset more carbon emissions than they produce, effectively achieving carbon-negative status.

Reforestation: They have planted over 4 million trees in Ecuador's Mindo cloud forest, helping to restore critical bird habitat and sequester carbon.

Coffee Sourcing: They work directly with small-scale farmers who use sustainable farming practices, ensuring environmental responsibility and fair treatment of farmers.

Certified Organic: All of their coffees are certified organic, which means they are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Fair Trade: They are committed to fair trade principles, ensuring that farmers receive fair compensation for their coffee beans.

1% for the Planet: Tiny Footprint Coffee donates at least 1% of their annual revenue to environmental nonprofits as part of their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Product Description:

Tiny Footprint Coffee - Nicaragua Segovia, Dark Roast A rich and bold coffee with a distinctive flavor profile. Sourced from the Segovia region of Nicaragua, this dark roast offers a deep and smoky taste with hints of cocoa and caramel. Crafted with care and sustainability in mind, Tiny Footprint Coffee combines great taste with a commitment to environmental preservation. With each purchase, they donate a portion of their proceeds to reforestation efforts, making it the world's first carbon-negative coffee. Enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee while making a positive impact on the planet.

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